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Downtown, Privacy & Other Things No One Cares About

1. This week’s theme: The Longest Goodbye

2. When you accidentally buy organic, flourless multigrain extra fiber bread…You grab a jar of skippy and power through.

3. As long as you stay within the realm of politeness, you really don’t have to be friends with people you have no interest in being friends with. #butwhy?

4. If he goes down, keep it tidy. 

5. If she goes down, trim the hedges.

6. Sometimes love is about what you’re willing to do for the other person, and sometimes it’s about what your partner protects you from/would not ask you to do for them. 

7. SZA on the Drake effect

8. Every office has a slacker that nobody understands how they still have a job, a creeper that somehow hasn’t been thrown in jail, and a gossip that somehow still has friends.

9.  Bridesmaids shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to partake in a decision you made to get married. 

10. Privacy, please.