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Things That Make Me Happy

My sister’s pregnant belly.

Hopping back into bed, work clothes and all, to have one last snuggle with my guy before leaving for work.

Cat/dog/bunny paws. Furry little paws.

When people say “please” “thank you” and “excuse me”.

Having a stiff drink with a warm dinner while watching Friends with J after work.

Peonies and ranunculus.

When we feel safe enough to say what we mean and mean what we say.

Going a full 24 hours without thinking of Donald Trump.

Fresh laundry.

Air conditioning.

Music, Photography, The List

How to be basic all summer ’17

Photos of yourself at the Museum of Ice Cream. Extra basic if it’s a “candid” video of you throwing sprinkles in the air.

Fake eyelashes and a full face of makeup at the beach/pool.

Any vacation photo with “take me back” as a caption. Just go back, nobody stopping you b.

Going to EDC 

Yoga pose at the top of your hike with inspirational quote

G string/thong bathing suits, better known as how to get a yeast infection all summer 17 #monistatondeck