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Hot weather heroes:

The afternoon office appointment who shows up with ice cream sundaes

The neighborhood Home Depot that set up coolers of free water bottles for customers throughout the store

The Mexican frutas carts all over the city

Covered parking


Evening breeze

That one time it rained in LA and the air smelled like wet asphalt

The fire fighters who tackle the annual brush fires

Summer blankets

Kitty who knows it’s too hot to cuddle so he sticks to head butting instead




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Summer is Whatever, Love Bug & Other Things No One Cares About

1. Rob Kardashian, hold this L. The world knew what it was since day one, how are you going to act surprised.

2. I realized that I actually don’t like summer all that much anymore. It used to have perks: summer vacation, travel, beach days, long sunlight hours to make the day last…But with a full time job and no vacation days, all it is is way too hot. #thethrillisgone

3. If you let your children go off into the world too early, you risk creating jaded individuals who may have seen too much too soon. If you don’t let go of your child, you risk creating individuals who can’t fend for themselves in the real world. 

4. People want pity for situations they put themselves in and acknowledgment for things they should be doing. #entitlement

5. Get you a guy who can fix things around the house, teach you his man-facts, rub your back, make you laugh, bring you flowers, is not a hoe, and love you down completely. #getyouajason 

6. Get you a woman who knows who she is and loves herself. She’ll know how to love right (and call you out on your shit). Nothing makes me sadder than seeing great women who don’t speak up for themselves.

7. When in doubt, Target gift card.

8. What’s popular is seldom what’s dope. General population with the bad taste.

9. What you’re impressed by and who you try to impress speak volumes about your character.

10. Go where you are appreciated.