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Downtown, Privacy & Other Things No One Cares About

1. This week’s theme: The Longest Goodbye

2. When you accidentally buy organic, flourless multigrain extra fiber bread…You grab a jar of skippy and power through.

3. As long as you stay within the realm of politeness, you really don’t have to be friends with people you have no interest in being friends with. #butwhy?

4. If he goes down, keep it tidy. 

5. If she goes down, trim the hedges.

6. Sometimes love is about what you’re willing to do for the other person, and sometimes it’s about what your partner protects you from/would not ask you to do for them. 

7. SZA on the Drake effect

8. Every office has a slacker that nobody understands how they still have a job, a creeper that somehow hasn’t been thrown in jail, and a gossip that somehow still has friends.

9.  Bridesmaids shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to partake in a decision you made to get married. 

10. Privacy, please.

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Game of Thrones, Korean Dream Interpretations & Other Things No One Cares About

1. When your guy leaves work a little early to spend the evening with you>

2. I’m not overly superstitious, but the Korean in me puts so much weight on dreams. Dreams of animals: someone I know is pregnant, I see blood/feces: good luck on the way so buy lotto tickets, I get stabbed but see no blood: accident on the way. Dreamt of huge koi fish last night and am convinced that someone is pregnant.

3. Girl’s captions on their selfies kill me. “‘Makeup by me”/”Hair by me”–yeah, we know.

4. DineLA is here, yet again. I’m only really interested in Lawry’s. 

5. Glad that summer is halfway through. I miss sweater weather and not sweating.

6. GOT is back and I said I’m geeked and I’m fired up :Kendrick voice: 

Arya Stark is such a bad ass.

John Snow still has that permanent resting frown face.

Khaleesi is cool but waiting for her to stop staring into the horizon and actually do something.

7. I need my vitamix back so I can make us some homemade naked juice.

8. Intrusive thought of the moment: would my skin be clearer if I ate a gluten free diet? Just the thought terrifies me.

9. Best friend, lover, confidant. Issa balance.

10. This week’s theme: Quality, not quantity.

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Tipsy Politicking, Bragging & Other Things No One Cares About

1. I don’t care what anyone says, an 18 year old is not an adult. You’re an adult when you get a job, pay your bills and taxes, don’t lean on mommy and daddy, are responsible and conscious of the world around you. With that being said, very mature young people exist, and there are folks who are 40+ and caught in some sad arrested development. But a number does not an adult make.

2. When we get debate-about-politics-drunk, hilarity ensues.

3. It’s hard to believe the show Cheaters is still airing, but I can imagine their inbox/request line is never dry.

4. Grace and Frankie is surprisingly easy to watch and funny. Next show to binge: Veep.

5. Smartfood popcorn is my favorite snack at the moment. 70 calories a bag, pretty flavorful, not mad at it.

6. How women brag about their significant others, by age group:

Teenagers: “He has a car!”

Twenties: “He has a job!”

Thirties: “He has a house!”

Forties: “He has all of his hair!”

Fifties+: “He’s healthy!” 

7. To hold one another accountable for our words and actions in a gentle respectful way–is this out of the realm of reality?

8. There are two weeks left until my time at this job will come to an end. Grateful for the health insurance, the 3 day weekends, and some of the nicest women I’ve ever worked with.

9. It’s scary and exciting when you realize that you know someone so intimately that their body language and slightest facial expressions speak to you just as loudly as their words. 

10. Thankful that you let me be me.

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Summer is Whatever, Love Bug & Other Things No One Cares About

1. Rob Kardashian, hold this L. The world knew what it was since day one, how are you going to act surprised.

2. I realized that I actually don’t like summer all that much anymore. It used to have perks: summer vacation, travel, beach days, long sunlight hours to make the day last…But with a full time job and no vacation days, all it is is way too hot. #thethrillisgone

3. If you let your children go off into the world too early, you risk creating jaded individuals who may have seen too much too soon. If you don’t let go of your child, you risk creating individuals who can’t fend for themselves in the real world. 

4. People want pity for situations they put themselves in and acknowledgment for things they should be doing. #entitlement

5. Get you a guy who can fix things around the house, teach you his man-facts, rub your back, make you laugh, bring you flowers, is not a hoe, and love you down completely. #getyouajason 

6. Get you a woman who knows who she is and loves herself. She’ll know how to love right (and call you out on your shit). Nothing makes me sadder than seeing great women who don’t speak up for themselves.

7. When in doubt, Target gift card.

8. What’s popular is seldom what’s dope. General population with the bad taste.

9. What you’re impressed by and who you try to impress speak volumes about your character.

10. Go where you are appreciated.

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F1, Let’s Keep the TV Off & Other Things No One Cares About

1. My mom is such a tough love kinda woman, but when she softens up and comforts me…cue the waterworks. It’s like that phenomenon of bursting into tears the moment someone asks you if you’re okay, times 100.

2. Listen to your body. I crave vegetables when I’ve been particularly cruel to my body, and my guy craves Naked Juice. We should probably go on a detox. 

3. What’s the rule on office baby showers? I don’t know this lady’s name but I’ve been asked to buy her a gift. Wondering if there’s a group gift I can pitch in to.

4. Common sense tip: if it might make someone insecure, some things are better left unsaid.

5. Cooking makes me happy. I wish I had a full sized kitchen to do it in. #august

6. F1 is fun: file under “unexpected things you end up loving in the name of love”

7. “How can I help?” May be the most comforting words.

8. Experience is the best teacher.

9. The kind of connection that doesn’t need any outside noise, that’s what I want. For instance, the thought of keeping the TV off for just one night and talking, eating, laughing, etc turns me on.

10. 1 month left. Godspeed Finney.

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Things That Make Me Happy

My sister’s pregnant belly.

Hopping back into bed, work clothes and all, to have one last snuggle with my guy before leaving for work.

Cat/dog/bunny paws. Furry little paws.

When people say “please” “thank you” and “excuse me”.

Having a stiff drink with a warm dinner while watching Friends with J after work.

Peonies and ranunculus.

When we feel safe enough to say what we mean and mean what we say.

Going a full 24 hours without thinking of Donald Trump.

Fresh laundry.

Air conditioning.

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How to be basic all summer ’17

Photos of yourself at the Museum of Ice Cream. Extra basic if it’s a “candid” video of you throwing sprinkles in the air.

Fake eyelashes and a full face of makeup at the beach/pool.

Any vacation photo with “take me back” as a caption. Just go back, nobody stopping you b.

Going to EDC 

Yoga pose at the top of your hike with inspirational quote

G string/thong bathing suits, better known as how to get a yeast infection all summer 17 #monistatondeck