Photography, The List

Game of Thrones, Korean Dream Interpretations & Other Things No One Cares About

1. When your guy leaves work a little early to spend the evening with you>

2. I’m not overly superstitious, but the Korean in me puts so much weight on dreams. Dreams of animals: someone I know is pregnant, I see blood/feces: good luck on the way so buy lotto tickets, I get stabbed but see no blood: accident on the way. Dreamt of huge koi fish last night and am convinced that someone is pregnant.

3. Girl’s captions on their selfies kill me. “‘Makeup by me”/”Hair by me”–yeah, we know.

4. DineLA is here, yet again. I’m only really interested in Lawry’s. 

5. Glad that summer is halfway through. I miss sweater weather and not sweating.

6. GOT is back and I said I’m geeked and I’m fired up :Kendrick voice: 

Arya Stark is such a bad ass.

John Snow still has that permanent resting frown face.

Khaleesi is cool but waiting for her to stop staring into the horizon and actually do something.

7. I need my vitamix back so I can make us some homemade naked juice.

8. Intrusive thought of the moment: would my skin be clearer if I ate a gluten free diet? Just the thought terrifies me.

9. Best friend, lover, confidant. Issa balance.

10. This week’s theme: Quality, not quantity.


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