Photography, The List

Tipsy Politicking, Bragging & Other Things No One Cares About

1. I don’t care what anyone says, an 18 year old is not an adult. You’re an adult when you get a job, pay your bills and taxes, don’t lean on mommy and daddy, are responsible and conscious of the world around you. With that being said, very mature young people exist, and there are folks who are 40+ and caught in some sad arrested development. But a number does not an adult make.

2. When we get debate-about-politics-drunk, hilarity ensues.

3. It’s hard to believe the show Cheaters is still airing, but I can imagine their inbox/request line is never dry.

4. Grace and Frankie is surprisingly easy to watch and funny. Next show to binge: Veep.

5. Smartfood popcorn is my favorite snack at the moment. 70 calories a bag, pretty flavorful, not mad at it.

6. How women brag about their significant others, by age group:

Teenagers: “He has a car!”

Twenties: “He has a job!”

Thirties: “He has a house!”

Forties: “He has all of his hair!”

Fifties+: “He’s healthy!” 

7. To hold one another accountable for our words and actions in a gentle respectful way–is this out of the realm of reality?

8. There are two weeks left until my time at this job will come to an end. Grateful for the health insurance, the 3 day weekends, and some of the nicest women I’ve ever worked with.

9. It’s scary and exciting when you realize that you know someone so intimately that their body language and slightest facial expressions speak to you just as loudly as their words. 

10. Thankful that you let me be me.


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