Photography, The List

F1, Let’s Keep the TV Off & Other Things No One Cares About

1. My mom is such a tough love kinda woman, but when she softens up and comforts me…cue the waterworks. It’s like that phenomenon of bursting into tears the moment someone asks you if you’re okay, times 100.

2. Listen to your body. I crave vegetables when I’ve been particularly cruel to my body, and my guy craves Naked Juice. We should probably go on a detox. 

3. What’s the rule on office baby showers? I don’t know this lady’s name but I’ve been asked to buy her a gift. Wondering if there’s a group gift I can pitch in to.

4. Common sense tip: if it might make someone insecure, some things are better left unsaid.

5. Cooking makes me happy. I wish I had a full sized kitchen to do it in. #august

6. F1 is fun: file under “unexpected things you end up loving in the name of love”

7. “How can I help?” May be the most comforting words.

8. Experience is the best teacher.

9. The kind of connection that doesn’t need any outside noise, that’s what I want. For instance, the thought of keeping the TV off for just one night and talking, eating, laughing, etc turns me on.

10. 1 month left. Godspeed Finney.


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