Photography, The List

Creeps Then and Now, The Keepers & Other Things No One Cares About

1. The modern day equivalent of the gross guy who always says “where’s my hug at?” is the gross guy who says “tfti “. And coming in with an honorable mention: the guy who tells women on the street to “smile”. 

2. My guy got me an oil change and I am swooning. #moderndayromance

3. I am convinced that cigarettes are poison. Of course we’re taught that they are cancer sticks, but to see what they do to me versus not smoking is first hand proof.

4. Haruki Murakami’s work makes me feel understood.

5. Why is Pizza Hut bread so good? It’s like crunchy/spongey, almost like bread that’s been fried in butter and garlic. 

6. I can’t wait until my lease is over. Living in an apartment complex that is bustling with airbnb customers all summer is turning into a headache. Broken glass in the halls, condom wrappers abandoned in the open, overcrowded parking lots.

7. Why is modesty no longer respected or valued? 

8. The Keepers is pretty interesting. Another win for Netflix.

9. The best advice my mom gave me: wherever you go, don’t be dead weight. Millennials are so entitled…but really, you have to earn your keep.

10. SZA album>


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