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My Crazy Family, Rating Systems & Other Things No One Cares About

1. Things that are exponentially scarier at night versus during the day: crows, white vans with no back windows, babies laughing, dolls, grandmothers roaming around wearing loose house dresses, and kids on playgrounds.

2. Springtime chaos is finally over and I am looking forward to sleeping more, reading more, and cooking more. Baby shower planning is difficult, man. If I ever have children, please be advised…I love celebrations for others, but hate parties in which I am the guest of honor. Hard pass.

3. What feels better than being appreciated? 

4. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s public displays of love and affection is so good to watch.

5. I’m convinced that everyone’s families are insane, but we’re not allowed to comment on anyone’s crazy families but our own. The workplace stories and drama I hear are intense.

6. Rule of thumb: unless expressly asked for an opinion, if you did not contribute, don’t critique. 

7. I want to be more succinct. I push myself to do this daily, because as women, we are conditioned to believe that being strong headed and sure of what you believe in and desire is too aggressive and not feminine. Fuck that noise.

8. Overheard in the cafeteria:

Lady: “He’s like a smalltown 8.” 

Friend: “…so…an LA 4?”


9. I miss so badly my apartment from a year ago. 5th and Broadway, perched on the windowsill in my underwear, slow smoking cigarette after cigarette, watching the people 5 stories down below, the occasional siren, the altercations between the homeless guys who hung out on the corner, the odd silence for an hour or two in the darkest part of the night. 

Or I could just really miss smoking. 

10. Make it easy.


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