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Comparing, Beach Body & Other Things No One Cares About

1. We’re such a comparison driven culture. We are accustomed to pitting things against each other, and assigning character judgements accordingly. Are you a dog or a cat person? In n Out or Shake Shack? Jay-Z or Nas? Biggie or Tupac? Nike or Adidas? Pledging your loyalty to specific things is cool, but it’s okay to like similar things equally. And get your life together if you try to fight people who don’t share your favorites list. This guy tried to physically fight my girl friend once because she didn’t like his favorite sport.

2. Four days on, four days off. That’s what I like.

3. Foods that have edible plating make me so insanely happy. Bread bowl clam chowder, tostadas, deviled eggs, etc.

4. Panic-about-beach-body-but-do-nothing-about-it season in full effect.

5. Aziz’s summer in Italy learning to make pasta is my dream situation.

6. Things that should have been left behind in the 90’s: blonde hair on Asians, 00’s: face piercings, early 10’s: drugs that fuck your whole mental and physical demeanor up.

7. I regret not buying anything at Patta.

8. Waking up next to my guy softly snoring and face peaceful is a happy feeling.

9. Also, falling asleep groping him is also a happy feeling.

10. We don’t want it if everyone can have it.


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