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True Crime Documentaries, Neighborhood Goals & Other Things No One Cares About

1. I’ve been having that maternal urge, that tug that you feel when it’s time to have a baby. But instead of a baby, I really, really want a cat and a dog.

2. This week’s theme: True Crime Docs n Chill.

3. New goal when house hunting: live within walking distance to a Target, Trader Joe’s, Chipotle, and decent coffee place.

4. Saying no is never comfortable, but it’s slightly easier if you think back on the times you said yes but were miserable for it.

5. Which is worse–being misinformed or uninformed? 

6. I never really had awful monthly lady symptoms (cramps, bloating, angry outbursts, back pain, or what have you) but like clockwork each time, I have zero energy the day before (too tired to even smile), hunt for salty and sweet food (fished out some old Valentine’s Day chocolates), and found something incredibly sad (cried watching a random kindness-of-strangers commercial).

7. If he conducts his own thorough research on your likes and favorites and makes plans accordingly, you’re winning.

8. I am grateful for boundaries and those who respect them.

9. Articles that are written by non-journalists should have a flag button so idiots on Facebook stop reposting fake news.

10. To my forever muse


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