The List

My Mercury is in Retrograde & Other Things No One Cares About

1. How do people afford kids? 

2. Our bodies speak to us–mine is currently begging me to drink more water, less alcohol and sleep more.

3. In relationships both platonic and romantic, consistency, compromise and maintenance are so crucial.

4. Good conversationalists are hard to find.

5. Would you rather: be great at one thing or good at many?

6. After a string of shit days, I checked on a whim and what do you know? Aries mercury is in retrograde. 

7. This week’s theme: Proceed With Caution

8. The older we get, less matters, and the little that does matter, matters immensely.

9. I don’t think 10 snapchats a day of your baby is necessary.

10. If you’re left on delivered/read, you know what it is. 


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