The List

The Random People That Know Me Intimately, Tuesday Night Dates & Other Things No One Cares About 

1. Slowly purging my closet, shoutout Depop.

2. Doormen, security guards, bank tellers, my OBGYN, and the neighborhood liquor store owner know the most about my personal life. 

3. My workplace is allowing employees to wear jeans on Wednesdays to show solidarity against sexual assault. I am all for protesting sexual assault, but am failing to see where denim fits into this cause.

4. Trump’s first 100 days: American Horror Story

5. Is there anything sadder than leaving for work while your significant other sleeps peacefully in bed? Probably.

6. Things you might not want a Groupon for: dental work, Botox, facials, sushi, waxing your privates.

7. “If you ever get kidnapped, you have to bond with your kidnapper so they don’t kill you.” – Things we discuss when watching “I Survived”.

8. Question for millennials: before I send/shoot/message/tweet/post this, would I want it screenshotted? 

9. On the topic of millennials, I’m forever grateful that social media as we know it only began to blow up as I entered adulthood. So many cringeworthy moments from my adolescence that need not be documented. Fuck around and end up a meme.

10. When he takes me on a Worknight Date, I feel like partying. And by partying I mean staying up until 10:30.


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