The List

Compliments, the Core of What We Want & Other Things No One Cares About

1. The endorphins have entered the building.

2. What kind of compliment receiver are you? The shy recipient, the confident “Thanks!”, the 1+1 trying to milk another compliment while you have the chance, the denier, the refuser, the negative Nancy who somehow manages to turn a well meaning compliment into a passive aggressive insult.

3. After years of discussing with women the topic of what we want in a partner, the list is surprisingly short: to be fulfilled emotionally, satisfied and desired sexually, loyalty, to be taken seriously with our professional and creative endeavors, and to smile and laugh genuinely and often. Everything else is background noise.

4. Need to know how clean someone is? Smell their hand towels in the bathroom next time you’re over. That wet rag smell. If there is no towel, guess who doesn’t wash their hands? Also see exhibit B: dirty, long fingernails.

5. Strangers are so kind to me on days I don’t wear eye makeup. Do I look like I’m dying? Probably.

6. The NY Times Modern Love column is such a treat.

7. Surround yourself with loving, caring people. I.E. Jacks, who would take license plate photos of any cab I took home after a long night out. And not sleeping until she got an “I’m home” text.

8. One relationship puts all others into perspective.

9. Don’t lose yourself chasing money, Love or acceptance.

10. You are enough.


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