The List

Coffee Withdrawal, Melissa as Spicy & Other Things No One Cares About

1. After moving away from your childhood home, how often is healthy to see your family? Each parent/child dynamic is unique, but for my parents, anything more than once a week is overbearing and less than once a month feels disconnected.

2. Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on SNL >

3. Is it sad that Chipotle is the culinary highlight of my work week? I get a bag of chips and scoop their burrito bowl like a huge dip. And nothing makes me happier.

4. Leaving home and traveling is the surest and fastest way to figure out who you are. I miss it, I miss it, I miss it.

5. This week’s theme: Boundaries and Balance

6. I’m weaning myself off of my usual coffee intake. Headaches galore.

7. Which is more satisfying: watching someone enjoy food that you cooked for them? Or eating a meal that someone prepared particularly with you in mind?

8. Can we all just agree: If she/he triggers your IBS, they gotta go.

9. Documentaries n chill >

10. Your wcw follows every struggle rapper on IG.


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